The story behind Moonskin

Moonskin means a personal oath to yoga and in particular to my late husband, Matz Maan, whom I owe a lot.

Wherever in the world I lived and worked with Matz, I have always had a fascination for local yoga clothing. In my search for the perfect fit I have seen numerous designs and models, and tried a range of different materials and fabrics.
Jokingly, but with a mutual love for sports and yoga, Matz always used to call this our little “Moon project.”
At that moment I could never have realised this would ultimately lead to Moonskin, a brand born out of passion and years of experience, driven by a need for easy-to-wear yoga and perfect-fitting yoga tops.

With great pride I present Moonskin to the world, as a tribute to Matz, who cared a lot about comfort, friends and to live life unadorned. We truly were the perfect fit.

All these experiences and values have been united in my yoga tops. A perfect fit, a comfortable feeling; anywhere, anyhow. A feeling I would like to pass on to you!

Embrace and enjoy.

Chandra Maan,
January 2017

Moonskin: by yoga lovers, for lovers

You could say that I breath and live yoga. Ever since my early years I hold an intense passion for yoga and, for over 25 years, I have passed on this genuine love in my very own studio, and beyond.

My experiences and those of my fellow yogi’s during yoga-asana’s (positions) have taught me that yoga and sportswear are extremely important in order to feel comfortable and move freely during any session or class. Whichever position you take, you do want your shirt to stay in place.

I find it an incredible joy to see that more and more people give yoga steady place in their busy lives. I consider yoga as a conscious lifestyle which provides a healthy balance between your mental and physical being. Ancient yoga was developed thousands of years ago and… is here to stay!

Gradually I have come to realize that there is hardly any suitable yoga wear out there. Well-known sports brands may offer more and more options, but hardly any attention has been paid to the right fit, which takes comfort and all yoga movements into account. Sure, it may look quirky and glitzy but is it functional? I don’t think so.

What it all comes down to is that yoga practitioners feel comfortable during any session or class. Whatever pose you are after, your shirt should feel like a second skin. In my vision yoga and sports wear look great, and offer the best fit, too!

That is why, with lots of love and dedication, I have developed ‘Moonskin Perfect fit Yoga wear’, both for women and men. Moonskin tops are made of 100% ventilating Italian jersey, which provides comfort and ease. To optimise comfort for women, the tops include a bra, resulting in a smooth and seamless yoga experience. Moonskin is a Dutch Design, designed and developed by myself and manufactured in the Netherlands. Our entire range is made for you in an Amsterdam sewing boutique (Atelier).

Moonskin is developed by yoga practitioners, for practitioners. It stands for a perfect fir and a comfortable feeling; anywhere, anytime. A feeling I would love to pass on to you!

Embrace and enjoy.

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